• The Clinical Excellence Commission has a range of brochures including

                     Staying Active and On Your Feet                     Staying Safe at Home - Prevent a Fall

Snip: staying active and on your feet                                             

           You can bulk order the Clinical Excellent Commission's brochures from the details on their website.  

  • The Active and Healthy brochure outlines the programs that are available to older adults in NSW, click on the image below to download the brochure or order multiple copies free of charge by using this form.

The Health Promotion Service coordinates a range of local programs to assist older adults to maintain their strength and balance.

Service providers can refer clients to these programs or individuals can self-refer. Further exercise options can be found on the Active and Healthy website.

A range of balance and strength assessment guides and videos are available on the Clinical Excellence Commission’s website.

This brochure provides information for consumers about NSW Health funded active ageing programs.

A range of falls prevention fact sheets for staff and general public are available on the Clinical Excellence Commission website and the Standing Tall website. Resources are also produced each year for April Falls Day.

Effective screening and assessment is vital to identifying specific falls risk factors and appropriate intervention.

FROP-COM screening tool: the FROP-COM tool and decision tree is used by a variety of services including Community Health to identify people over 65 at risk of falls.

iSOLVE GP Falls Risk Assessment: This free tool can be used by General Practitioners, Practice Nurses, and other health workers who are keen to establish integrated falls prevention pathways for older people at risk of falls.

Falls Screening, Assessment, Prevention and Management in Community Settings (NNSW LHD Staff only): This tool has been developed to provide a standardised approach for falls risk screening, assessment, prevention and management in the community setting for people aged 65 years or over and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Aboriginal) people aged 45 years or over.

These videos demonstrate the safe use of mobility aids (rollator frames, forearm support frame, wheelie walker and walking stick) including adjustment and safety checks (scroll down the page to find them).

Installation and safe use guides are also available for more than 20 types of equipment (e.g bath seats, commodes, swivel seats).

CEC Hospital Package: The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) has developed a Hospital Package that provides guidance to NSW Health facilities and ensures a uniform approach to the prevention of falls and harm from falls that is consistent with best practice.

CEC guides and resources: Specific guides and resources on safety huddles, nutrition, cognition, intentional rounding and more have been developed for the Leading Better Value Care goal of reducing injurious inpatient falls by 5%.

NNSW LHD policies and procedures: These cover falls prevention and management in inpatient, community, multi-purpose aged care, paediatric, and maternity settings.

Workplace falls: A video (NNSW LHD staff only) has been produced regarding slips, trips and falls in health facilities. Information about managing falls in the workplace can be found on the SafeWork NSW website.

NSW Fall Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network (formally NSW Falls Network): This site includes a range of resources, educational opportunities and subscription to the regular Falls Links Newsletter.

NeuRA – Falls Research: Find out what’s happening in falls research at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)