The Health Promotion team is working with partners to focus on ways the environment can contribute to illness and wellbeing. Part of this is to consider the impact of the way we design our towns and villages.  For example, many of our towns and villages were designed around car use making it easy to drive but not so easy to walk and cycle for transport or pleasure.

Health Promotion is working with local and state government organisations to re-create cities, towns and villages which are more encouraging to walk and cycle in and less socially isolating. We regularly coordinate workshops for planners and engineers in Healthy Urban Planning.

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Did you know?

In Northern NSW, we have fairly low density neighbourhoods, so footpaths can be expensive for councils to build and maintain.

A group of community members are advocating for the conversion of the 130km rail line between Casino and Murwillumbah to be transformed to a rail trail for walking, cycling and jogging.