Save a Mate

Save a Mate sessions are completed by schools before they attend Reducing Risk Increasing Student Knowledge (RRISK).

Putting a person affected by drugs or alcohol, or any unresponsive person, into the recovery position can save their life.

RRISK evaluation has shown that prior to participation in RRISK, most students did not feel confident to put someone into the recovery position.

Save a Mate is designed to build students' confidence to place someone into the recovery position.  The lesson format involved working in pairs or triads in a small group of up to 25 students and will go for 45 – 60 minutes. It requires sufficient floor area for students to be placed in the recovery position. We recommend exclusion of participants who are currently experiencing any flu like symptoms and that the activities be modified to align with COVID-19 Infection prevention and control policies.

The resources below provide everything a school needs to complete Save a Mate training.

Save A Mate Lesson Plan

Save A Mate Lesson Plan - further information

Save A Mate Presentation

Save A Mate Scenarios