The Problem

In Northern NSW there are about 100 deaths a year attributed to alcohol and 3 out of 10 adults in NSW drink alcohol at level that is risky to their health.1

Regulating and restricting the availability of alcohol is an important way to reduce harm from alcohol.2

What we are doing about it

The Northern NSW Local Health District Health Promotion unit looks at alcohol licence submissions in our area, which includes the Ballina, Byron, Clarence, Kyogle, Lismore, Richmond Valley and Tweed local government areas.

When we believe that a licence application will impact on community well-being, we submit a response to the application to Liquor and Gaming NSW.  Liquor and Gaming NSW are responsible for deciding if an alcohol licence application will be approved.

In our response to a liquor licence application we outline why we think the application is a problem.  We base our response on evidence about what type of alcohol licences are most likely to impact community well-being.  For example, the Liquor and Gaming LiveData website can be searched by postcode or local government area for information on:

  • alcohol outlet density
  • alcohol related crime
  • community profiles and maps

This information is helpful in understanding existing alcohol related harm in the community and for providing feedback on alcohol license submissions.

What you can do about it

Understand the impact of alcohol in your community

Explore Liquor and Gaming LiveData to better understand the impact of alcohol in your community.

Get involved

Community Drug and Alcohol Teams

If you are concerned about the impact of alcohol (or drugs) in your community, you can join your local Community Drug and Alcohol Team (CDAT).

CDATs are groups led by community volunteers. Most CDATs hold regular meetings to discuss local solutions to local issues. The activities that are required from CDAT volunteers are different for each team. It can range from helping out in community forums, to distributing alcohol and other drug information, to running programs for young people. CDATs activities are evidence-based. These can range from youth mentoring, to liquor licensing, community workshops and many more.

Comment on a liquor licence application

New licence applications and changes to existing licences are posted on the Liquor and Gaming NSW noticeboard.

Anyone can comment on a liquor licence application by making a submission using the Liquor and Gaming NSW noticeboard. You normally have 30 days from the date an alcohol licence application is posted to the noticeboard to make a submission.

If you want to make a submission about why your think an application will cause social harm, you should link your submission to Guideline 6 of the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW), which addresses social impact.

If you are concerned about an application, but don’t want to make your own submission you can contact your local Community Drug and Alcohol Team (CDAT); you may be able to contribute to a submission they are making.

Help young people to drink responsibly

Your Guide to dealing with teenagers and alcohol supports parents and caregivers to talk with teenagers about responsible drinking and provides information about the risks associated with binge drinking and tips for having a safe night when alcohol is around.

The guide includes information about:

  • setting boundaries
  • tips for encouraging responsible drinking
  • being a good role model
  • alcohol and the law
  • guidelines for parties and holidays
  • useful web links.