Eat Together Play Together

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Program/Project Eat Together Play Together Strong Smiles (Pilot)
Period/Length 5 weeks
Aim The program aims to promote and sustain positive oral hygiene practices within the early childhood/preschool setting; encourage the consumption of vegetables and fruit and discourage regular consumption of energy dense foods; and encourage the consumption of water and decrease the consumption of sugar sweetened drinks.
Year 2007
Target Group Children 3-5 years old in the early childhood and preschool setting and is suitable for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children.
Reach 22 children
Locations Goonellabah Transition
Partners Goonellabah Transition Program Staff
Funding Funded by North Coast Health Promotion
Full Report Eat Together Play Together Strong Smiles Evaluation Report (2009)
Resources Strong Smiles Program Handbook (2010)
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What strategies were used?

The program uses resources such as readers, songs, games and role modelling to raise awareness of the 5 key NSW messages for a healthy mouth: Eat Well, Drink Well, Clean Well, Play Well and Stay Well.

What were the program outcomes?

The Eat Together Play Together Strong Smiles program and its activities were well received by staff and children. The program worked well in delivering key nutrition and oral health messages. The findings provide insights into best practice in resource design and project implementation. The next stage will involve evaluating whether the program can be rolled out in preschools using early childhood workers to run the program.