Stand Together

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Program/Project Stand Together: Tweed Heads Community Options Falls Prevention Program
Period/Length 12 week period
Aim This is a small group intervention for clients to assist the older person to realistically appraise their risk of falling and provide a forum for gaining knowledge about safe practices.
Year 2010
Target Group People serviced by Community Options who are over the age of 65 years, and have had a fall over the last 12months or have a fear of falling.
Reach 20 participants
Locations Tweed Heads
Partners Tweed Heads Community Option Service
Funding Community Options Tweed Heads
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What strategies were used?

Participants explore options and barriers to putting safety strategies into practice. The aim is to facilitate the person in taking control, explore different coping behaviours, and encourage follow-through of safety strategies in everyday life.

Each group session included an education and exercise component. Participants were also provided with a simple 10 minute exercise routine to be done each day.

The Education focuses on:

  1. Exercise and Nutrition as we age
  2. Reducing Home Hazards
  3. Managing Continence
  4. Eye Health and Community Safety
  5. Medication Information


What were the program outcomes?

Participant post program scores on the objective measures demonstrated improvement (see table below). Participants also felt that they were able to undertake more activities of daily living without fear of falling.

These programs have met the stated objectives, and 20 participants have now been involved in the program over the last two years. Falls rates within the Tweed Heads Community Options Service have also reduced.


20 Participants
Sit to Stand
Near Tandem Stance
Activities-Specific Balance
Confident Scale
(ABC Scale)
Post Program Average
% Improvement
25% decrease in time 33% increase in time 33% increase in confidence