Live Life Well At School

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Program/Project Live Life Well at School
Period/Length At least two years
Aim To reduce overweight and obesity, increase healthy eating and physical activity levels
Year 2008 – present
Target Group Children in primary schools, their families and staff
Reach The program aims to reach at least 80% of all primary schools in Northern NSW.
Locations Clarence to Tweed
Partners NSW Department of Education and Communities
Funding Part of the Healthy Children’s Initiative, NSW Ministry of Health, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

What strategies were used?

Live Life Well at School is a program that aims to get more primary school students, more active, more often, as well as focusing on healthy eating habits. The program helps develop teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching about nutrition and fundamental movement skills as part of the school syllabus. Health Promotion staff assist schools with training and resources to support the program and offer additional activities aimed at parents to help make it easier for children and their families to be active and eat well. They also work with schools to ensure the school environment is conducive to healthy living by providing a healthy school canteen, vegetable and fruit breaks and active playgrounds. The program aims to reach at least 80% of all primary schools.