Life Ball – Falls Injury Prevention Program

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Program/Project Lifeball – falls injury prevention program
Period/Length One year
Aim Preventing falls injury in older people
Year 2002-2009
Target Group Older people living on the North Coast of NSW
Reach Almost 300 older people
Locations North Coast of NSW
Partners Department of Veterans Affairs, NSW Health
Funding Department Veterans Affairs, NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Sports and Recreation
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What strategies were used?

Players were recruited from the general population and ex-service and community organisations. Support organisations such as a venue or community/senior’s group were identified for each team to ensure continued promotion and sustainability. Weekly games were provided to players at a minimum cost ($3 to $5). Health staff attended weekly games for six to 10 weeks to ensure players were taught to play the game correctly and rules enforced. A variety of regular ongoing promotional strategies were used, including local media, presentations to senior’s groups and ‘come and try’ days.

What were the program outcomes?

Lifeball is a group activity designed specifically for older people that provides an opportunity for physical activity and socialisation. Overall, a large proportion of participants, including those no longer playing, held positive impressions of Lifeball. Lifeball mainly appeals to people who are already active. Group activities, such as Lifeball, provide another physical activity option that can assist older people to benefit socially while maintaining an active healthy lifestyle. Physical activity providers should consider offering and promoting Lifeball among the programs they conduct for older people.