Health Equity – Making a Difference e-Learning Course

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Program/Project Health Equity – Making a Difference e-learning Course
Aim Is designed specifically for health practitioners to develop and reinforce their understanding of key health equity concepts.
Year 2012
Target Group NSW Health Staff.
Locations State of NSW
Funding 2010/11 NSW Health Equity Practice Network and Secretariat
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What strategies were used?

It includes seven modules targeting the social determinants of health and effective ways of working in health equity practice. Fun, interactive learning tools such as podcasts, videos, audio stories, quizzes, case studies, forums and chats stimulate and engage the learner are included. Case studies have been woven into design to reinforce key issues and to provide relevance and meaning from theory to practice. Examples of national and international health equity evidence based practice and policy have been included and specific resources have been identified to provide extended learning. Participants learn at their own pace via self-learning modules.