HEALing (Healthy Eating and Active Living Indigenous Groups)

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Program/Project HEALInG (Healthy Eating & Active Living Indigenous Groups)
Period/Length 10 weeks but can be adapted to suit
Aim To increase healthy eating and physical activity levels
Year 2003 – 2010
Target Group Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Reach Over 100 Aboriginal people
Locations North Coast Area of NSW
Partners YWCA, PAC,PCYC and Aboriginal Medical Services
Funding YWCA and North Coast Health Promotion
Contact NNSWLHD-HealthPromotion@health.nsw.gov.au
Full Report HEALInG Program 2003-2004 Evaluation Report, NCAHS
Resources HEALInG Program (Healthy Eating Activities and Lifestyles for Indigenous Groups): facilitator’s handbook (2004)
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What strategies were used?

The HEALInG program was adapted from an existing Indigenous Healthy Weight Program, produced by Queensland Health. The HEALInG program is designed to provide realistic and practical information on healthy eating and lifestyle activities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people. The program is framed positively focusing on healthy eating rather than on just weight loss, however it is anticipated that weight loss will occur as the participants go through the program. It is a 10-week course that includes a one hour exercise class followed by information on healthy eating and ways families can work towards a healthier lifestyle and a practical food preparation section

What were the program outcomes?

People have knowledge and practical experience on cooking healthy budget conscious meals for all the family and for all ages. Increase knowledge for participants in achieving their daily exercise quota. Participants also learnt how to read labels for food contents in packaged foods. Improved budgeting for food. Better understanding of fats, salt and sugar, healthy take-aways.  Increasing  self-esteem and goal setting outcomes. Increased knowledge of chronic diseases and health issues, that can be positively affected by diet and exercise.