Cholesterol Check Campaign

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Program/Project Cholesterol Check campaign
Period/Length Five years
Aim To reduce cholesterol level in adults on the North Coast of NSW.
Year 1987-1991
Target Group Adult population of the North Coast
Reach 42,869 individuals or 18% of North Coast adults participated.
Locations North Coast Region
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What strategies were used?

To screen 20% of the adult population for blood cholesterol and other heart disease risk factors; to raise awareness of the risks associated with a high-fat diet; to provide nutrition counselling and referral advice for those with elevated cholesterol; and to monitor these participants’ cholesterol levels with a follow up test at three months.

What were the program outcomes?

Reductions in cholesterol were well maintained for one year but showed signs of relapse after three years. There was a tendency for initially lower cholesterol levels to increase over a three-year period. Contributing factors included aging, regression to the mean and complacency. Maintenance may be enhanced by regular reinforcement of nutrition changes and development of more supportive environments.