Box Ridge Transition to School Program

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Program/Project Box Ridge Transition to School Program
Period/Length One Year
Aim The program aims to provide a culturally-sensitive program in a family-friendly environment to ensure Aboriginal and other children identified as requiring additional learning support have the best possible start to their primary schooling.
Year 1999-2003
Target Group Aboriginal Children aged 3.6 at start of school year who lived in Box Ridge or Coraki or non-Aboriginal children identified as needing early learning support and their families
Reach 45 Children and their 27 parents/carers
Locations Coraki
Partners Department of Community Services and Coraki Public School
Funding DoCS Rural Child Care Inititiative
Full Report Box Ridge Transition to School Program 1999-2003. North Coast Area Health Service (2007)
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What strategies were used?

  • Improving the identification of risk factors which may impact on the child’s health and the achievement of positive, long-term educational outcomes
  • Strengthening children’s literacy and numeracy concepts and skills
  • Familiarising students with the school setting and routines
  • Increasing family self-efficacy in determining and achieving positive health and education outcomes for their children

What were the program outcomes?

Parents/Carers and staff agreed that the program had met expectations that is, improved school readiness and helped children feel comfortable with starting school. The program also helped the children a lot, improving their: social skills; literacy and numeracy knowledge; communication with teachers; general classroom behaviour; and attitudes towards school and towards authority figures.

Parents/Carers and staff felt that the program not only positively impacted on the children but also on the parents/carers themselves and on other family members. The program also positively impacted on staff of both the Box Ridge Transition Program and primary school. It helped teachers better understand, communicate and deal with children, especially Aboriginal children in the classroom.