Active School Kids (ASK)

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Program/Project Active School Kids (ASK)
Period/Length One year
Aim Assist primary children to identify barriers and increase physical activity opportunities in North Coast primary schools.
Year 2008-2011
Target Group Primary school children
Reach Approximately 9,000 children
Locations North Coast primary schools
Partners NSW Cancer Council and the Australian Sports Commission
Funding Nil
Full Report Active School Kids GOSH Summary Report 2007
Active School Kids (ASK) Short Report 2008
Resources Active School Kids (GOSH) Toolkit (2008)
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What strategies were used?

Grants of up to $1000 are offered to schools for physical activity resources. The program relies on upper primary school students mapping the barriers to physical activity at school then writing up a grant proposal to help solve some of the problems identified.

The project works on achieving this through empowering students to examine the whole school environment (natural, built, social and cultural) to identify barriers and increase sustainable opportunities for student participation in physical activity.

What were the program outcomes?

Each year up to 30 primary schools successfully receive grants to assist in increasing physical activity levels of all children at school.

Winner, Kids Can awards (NAPCAN) 2006, Winner North Coast Area Health Service award 2008 for ‘make prevention everyone’s business’