Every year the Big Vegie Month grows. It is 4 weeks where early learning services intentionally focus on all things vegetables. It includes the Big Vegie Crunch, which is a designated day (21st March 2024) where kids CRUNCH on vegetables simultaneously across the state. Download the resources below.

A resource that uses the sensory exploration to encourage children to try more vegetables. It targets exploring vegetables with the 5 senses.

A series of 4 weekly missions for families to undertake to create healthier lunchboxes. Each tip sheet contains information, practical tips and an area for the kids to do a drawing related to the weekly mission.

Use these fruit and vegetable themed cards for a number of games including memory, bingo or snap. For the older kids, teach them to match whole and cut versions of their favourite fruit and veggies.

There are lots of nutrition learning experience inspiration in these couple of documents. They collate the best ideas from services and educators from across the state.

Challenge the children at your service to eat the rainbow every day. The current resource suite is getting updated and should be available later in 2024.

There are a number of resources available on this page around the Magic Lunchbox Story book. Click here to download a version to read to the kids on the interactive whiteboard or tables, access supporting resources and use some of the educator / teacher guides to prompt discussion and learning.

Download the "How much sugar do you drink?" poster to create discussion about the sugar content of different foods and drinks

Search through our recipe database for lunchbox ideas for parents or ideas to cook with the children at your service during the week

Here are some ideas to incorporate healthy celebrations and fundraising into your service.

The Munch & Move website has useful information and resources to support services with breastfeeding.

Nutrition Dice Games

Use these dice inserts on your soft dice to make a fun vegie themed game for the children at your service. Don't forget to talk about eating the rainbow and guide discussion about the different vegetables on the dice (How do they grow? What colour are they? Who has dried them? Did they taste yummy?).

To access more statewide Munch & Move resources click here

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