Getting Active

Healthy Eating and Active Play at Home

Here is a six page resource with lots of ideas to keep your kids active inside and outside, as well as recipes and nutrition experiments and craft.

Family ACTIVation
Family ACTIVation is a fun-packed resource to help parents and carers of 5 to 12-year-olds get active with their children.
It’s full of quick and easy games to play at home, in the park, or wherever…
Games that reinforce the fundamental movement skills like throwing, catching, hopping and skipping… the same movement skills being learnt at school.

At Home Hunt Resources

Below are some resources you can use to create your very own treasure hunt at home. There are full colour and print friendly versions of each.

Colour Hunt: full colour / print friendly
Garden Hunt: full colour / print friendly
Shape Hunt: full colour / print friendly
Kitchen Senses: full colour / print friendly
Indoor Hunt: full colour / print friendly

Getting Ready for Physical Activity at School
Here is a great pamphlet that outlines some ideas and skills you can practice with your children before they go to primary school.

Getting Active Every Day
Here are some simple, fun ways to get your kids active every day.

Active Kids Vouchers
Families can now access vouchers to help cover the cost of sport registration and membership fees.

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